your own domain name - one page website business card

One Page Website Business Card

Simple. Fast. Yours.

If you only need to show a small amount of information


What’s included?

Choose What You Need

Choose what you need now from one of: a ‘slider’ of up to 5 products (as demonstrated); gallery (9 images maximum); a video; contact form; location map; MailChimp sign up form (already existing list).

  • a gallery of images - one page website business page
    Gallery of up to 9 images
  • how to edit your website - video training included
  • email contact form - small business websites
    Contact form
  • Location map - one page website business card
    Location map
  • Mailchimp email newsletter signup form - one page website business card
    Email sign up form (already existing MailChimp list)

Flexible Functionality

A brief amount of text and an image or two, your business logo, a customer testimonial, and links to social media or other online accounts are included.

These people are awesome!

Very Happy Customer

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Done in a week

Are you ready to go? The faster you can get the items on the ‘Content Checklist’ to me, the sooner your business site can start working for you. Your website live in one week from receipt of the final item from your Content Checklist and Getting Started Homework.

One page set up

A business card type website. When all you need to show is a small amount of information.
Note that ‘continuous scroll’ type ‘one’ page websites are excluded from this offer. In reality these are multiple pages presented on one page, with the set up workload of a many-paged sited.

Customised design

Your site will look uniquely yours. Your website is built using a template, but not any template. It’s the equivalent of an accomplished shapeshifter. You direct the look and styling, most things are possible.

A web presence built for you in a hurry,
while you get on with your business

Fully extendable – future Proof

Add further pages and functionality at a later date.

Newsletter & Social

Links to any already existing social media profiles and integration (connection) with an already existing newsletter list, including adding the newsletter sign up form to your website. Need social media or a newsletter set up? There’s a package for each of those.

Custom email address

Your own email address set up ( if you choose, or keep the one you’re already using if you prefer.

When customers ask for your web address,
you’ll be able to give them one,
that’s easy to remember

Fish drawing

Full Admin Control

It’s your site, you pay for it, you own it, you have full control.
On completion, full administrator access is handed over to you and anyone else you appoint, as well as a document summarising all your important online details in one place for easy future reference.

Images help

Your images edited as necessary (size, crop, simple brightness/contrast adjustment) and beautiful (and often free) stock images located if you don’t have your own.

One on one personal help

Throughout your website build we’ll talk one on one so you can describe what you’re after and have a real person (me!) solve your design and tech issues.

A website you own that
Facebook can’t take away on a whim

One Page Business Card Website
A web presence you own, fast

Your website finished in one week.

Super budget option. Single page. Your domain name.

When all you need is just the essential information on your business, such as where you are, how to contact you, your business hours, the main thing you do or sell.


What’s the process?

content checklist - one page website business card - website & marketing educational course - jargon busting

Content Checklist

After payment you’ll receive a confirmation email from me, followed by  help to get a domain name and your ‘Getting Started Homework’, including a Content Checklist and SEO (search engine optimisation) questions. All you need to do is follow the steps or answer the questions in each email and get this back to me. I do everything else.

I will call to discuss design feedback once a first draft is ready. The edits discussed are put in writing and done. When I have your final approval your site is made live and full admin access is handed over along with all the useful files and info you will need to maintain your site.

I’m available to answer your questions via email throughout your website build.

The faster you can get all the informationto me, the quicker your site will be up and running.

NB – website completion within one week starts from when I receive the final piece of content (images, text, information) from your ‘Getting Started Homework’.

Ongoing Costs

Domain name – You will need to provide your own domain name (ie which costs around $15 a year.

Website hosting – And your own hosting (the place where the website actually ‘lives’) which is around $10 a month.

Yes, you can get recommendations and help with these! It’s all included in your ‘Getting Started Homework’.

One Page Business Card Website
A web presence you own, fast


Tell me more?

One Page Website Business Card

All websites are ‘responsive’ / mobile friendly

That is, they automatically adjust their size and configuration to be optimised for any device. This is important as most websites now are viewed from laptops, tablets, iPads and smartphones. Anything but a desktop computer!

Websites are built using WordPress

A highly flexible system that easily allow for the ‘look’ of a website to be changed and for the functionality to be extended in the future. Wordpress is a popular, super flexible and robust system that is used as the ‘back end’ of around 20% of the world’s websites.

Get Found In Google – Built in basic SEO

SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation is configuring your website to maximise the chances it will show up near the top of search engine (ie Google) search results. To do this really well is a specialised art in itself and requires ongoing maintenance. Even basic SEO is something many websites don’t have, but your site will. This will put your website above many other sites in search results. You also receive your personalised SEO research document and help listing your business on Google My Business maps.

Spam Protection

All websites are configured to minimise your email address being grabbed and bombarded by spammers.


All websites include an automatic backups system so if something goes wrong there is another copy of your website for your peace of mind.


Websites have extra plugins and modifications to ensure your site is as smooth and fast as possible for your visitors.


All websites include security set up to help keep your website safe from hackers.


Every website comes with Google Analytics installed (or an alternative if you don’t want a Google account) so you can see where your website visitors are coming from, what they are looking at and what they’re not interested in.

Order Today

One Page Business Card Website
A web presence you own, fast

Your website finished in one week.

Super budget option. Single page. Your domain name.

When all you need is just the essential information on your business, such as where you are, how to contact you, your business hours, the main thing you do or sell.