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Meet Fiona Morgan

An Industrial Design degree, a knack with computers, an aversion to the advertising industry and a family full of pharmacists led to a career in 3D medical modelling and animation. The path to get there took in medical Industrial Design, Graphic Design, digital 2D animation and web design.

Having spent over a decade working in the commercial digital art world in large cities in Australia and the UK, Fiona was unsatisfied and set out to work for herself in a smaller, friendlier location. Hello tree change.

Fascinated with the new global possibilities the internet affords small businesses and creatives, she threw herself into learning by experience: digital marketing, sales copywriting, website building, online selling, DIY promotion, social media, and how to run a small business …. and emerged in this official coaching / web help capacity several years later after being repeatedly approached for help via word of mouth recommendations.

She is still also an artist.

Phone: 0434 957 718 | Email: | ABN: WhereFishSing 65673572433
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