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You care about what you do

The world doesn’t need another faceless global corporation. The world needs human sized businesses doing good and useful things, run by people who care about the impact they have on the people around them.

Integrity is something more than a nice sounding mission statement. Ethics is just the every day of treating people well.

You have something to offer that will make a difference

You’ve thought about being in business for a while. It’s time. You’ve got something to offer that the world needs. It might be a grand vision. It might be an every day service done well for your community.

It’s something you’re passionate about. You’re not just in it for the money (of course you expect to be paid!!). It’s something you feel needs to be offered and needs to be done well.

Businesses touch many lives whether they are a local mechanic dedicated to great quality service; an artist celebrating the beauty in the domestic every day; an online yoga studio aiming to get people back in touch with their bodies; a coffee shop that only sources fair trade.

You can run a successful business and have a conscience about it too.

Wouldn’t it be so much nicer to work with likeminded people?

I believe we make the world we live in

There’s enough junk in the world, let’s not add to it.
If we want to live in a better society, we need to build that ourselves.

Actually, we need to BE that ourselves.

How could the world be? ‘Why not?’, ‘Let’s do it!’.

It’s why I make no apologies for getting involved in environmental activism.

I get excited by ideas that can make a tangible difference. Greenwashing can go jump.

As an artist I see things differently. It’s my way to have creative and innovative ideas, to make your website b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l, to care about integrity and ethics.

Healers, creatives and genuine minded small business people are my people.

Artist = flakey? 
My background is ten years of commercial design – industrial design and 3D animation in the medical fields. My web savvy skills are self taught. I am self employed…as a web designer and as a painter with an extensive online art presence at www.wherefishsing.com

Tech angels do exist

Why work with me? I am great at what I do.

I have an uncanny ability to distill the essence of what you want AND to translate tech gobbledegook into plain English.

For you, that means you have found someone who very quickly gains a deep understanding of your business and can explain and guide your online choices so that you get the best possible online presence for your business.

I created my web help business locally, exclusively via word of mouth, in Bellingen NSW in 2014 because there was no one really getting in the trenches with understanding and helping small businesses and creatives with their online presence.

After several years of sitting down with people giving one on one coaching I have a great sense of what businesses need, the often low technical knowledge that needs to be addressed so people are able to work with their computer not fight it, and just how time poor business owners are.

Most of all, I’ve found people really need to be able to hand over what they want and know that it will be done right.

You need a tech angel.
I do that.

For your business to become what you want, you need to focus on what is important – engaging your clients and growing your business. In today’s world you also need an online presence. You don’t need to be spending your time working out how to set this up yourself. You need an expert you can trust.

If you are looking for a super cheap no frills budget website or online setup, then I am not for you. If you need someone to trust to completely set up your online presence based on an understanding of your business, to guide your vision into the online world, and to explain and demystify the digital world to you as we go then you are the right client for me.

“She speaks human!”

Iris Curteis

Here’s How I Help

Websites for Small Businesses

Websites are clean, straightforward and professional sites, tailored for the needs of small businesses. We scope your requirements and branding together, and for a fixed price you’ll get a customised site appropriate for your needs AND a marketing & educational course on getting the most out of being online, included.

Done in a month with life time access to online training so you can keep your site updated yourself.

Solid Foundations for those who need a small business website set up. Up to 3, 5 or 10 pages.

One Page Business Card when all you need to show is a small amount of information, on a website you own.

Something more? Email me to discuss.

 Email Newsletter
Setup & Coaching Program

Save your time. Your email newsletter account set up and linked to your website and/or social accounts, with your own newsletter template matching your branding, training on how to use the system with lifetime access and a real world coaching through your first newsletter.

You’re awesome

Let’s work together.

Phone: 0434 957 718 | Email: web@wherefishsing.solutions | ABN: WhereFishSing 65673572433
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